CONNECTED: Harnessing the power of traceability

8 August 2023

Easy supply chain traceability

A solution that offers transparency. Knowledge is power, and traceability provides information that can reduce risks and improve efficiency for operations. CONNECTED, developed by Peterson Technologies, is a market-driven and responsive web service, with a multi-stakeholder collaborative management that offers different solutions for any supply chain.

Understanding your supply chain is becoming more and more important, with consumers’ demands to learn more about a product’s origins and production methods increasing amid a tightening regulatory framework.

The Problem

  • Global sourcing is inherently complex
  • Supply chains are opaque
  • Social & environmental impacts throughout the chain
  • Supply chains are not linear or static
  • Regulation likely to increase
  • Data is hard to capture and manage in a consistent way
  • Not all Suppliers support transparency
  • Complex chains can hide various risks

The Solution


“It features Traceability monitoring and suppliers’ automatic notifications, a feature that provides brands with a report on their traceability status (delivered under request), identifying where the traceability stops (i.e., which organizations are not cooperating) and monitor the progress over time”

Do you want to know more about CONNECTED (features, video, etc.) and other products and solutions?  Then please visit the Peterson Technologies website


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