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    We are a world-leading, innovative and highly trusted international energy logistics and supply chain solutions company, driven by a passion to lead the way in transforming how industry plans, manages and executes the movement of critical resources globally.

    We take a creative approach, working in partnership to achieve fair gain, developing a world in which Peterson’s wide range of knowledge and experience combines with future technologies and ground-breaking thinking to revolutionise entire logistics and supply chain functions.

    Our ultimate objective is to unburden stakeholders by applying business intelligence to enable greater efficiency, consistent accuracy and increased sustainability.

    Meet our Leadership Team

    Lighthouse – real-time supply chain visibility

    Developed by our own industry experts, Lighthouse is our ecosystem of software applications that safely digitises the end-to-end logistics supply chain. Built on decades of operational experience and harnessing the power of the latest technology, Lighthouse provides real-time data visibility and insights to customers delivering faster, safer, more robust and more adaptable supply chains.

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    Lighthouse: Powered by Peterson
    Terms of Use
    “We deliver critical logistics solutions that set industry-leading standards in safety, quality control, logistics support and related activities.”

    Our services

    From exploration to production, through to decommissioning, our services span the entire energy lifecycle, partnering with clients at every stage of operations.



    We’ve taken our more than 50 years experience in marine logistics and developed consultancy solutions to meet the needs of the energy industry.


    We deliver high quality logistics and supply chain solutions; our priority is to focus on safety and superior service delivery freeing up our customers to focus on maximising productivity.
    Materials management

    Materials management

    From procurement and inventory management to warehousing and distribution, our integrated approach ensures that your materials flow smoothly throughout the entire lifecycle.
    Port services

    Port services

    We provide a comprehensive range of port services, tailored to meet your specific needs, from the supply of fuel or chemicals, ships agency services or managed lifting operations.


    We have extensive experience in managing major engineering projects, including a strong track record on large-scale development and decommissioning schemes.


    Our Lighthouse suite of technology solutions unburdens our clients by providing real-time visibility across your logistics supply chain.

    A carbon neutral business

    We have been awarded carbon neutral status across global operations under the PAS 2060 accreditation scheme. The carbon neutral certification covers Peterson’s 27 sites, including operations in the Netherlands, England, Scotland, Qatar and Australia.

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    Carbon Neutral

    Navigating CBAM regulation

    The Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) requires detailed reporting on the environmental impact of imported goods, the EU aims to incentivize the adoption of sustainable practices globally. Are you already fully informed on CBAM? We can offer support!


    Supply chain architects

    Our real skills relate to seeing the big picture and managing the small details, simultaneously. Whether it is system-wide management of an entire logistics chain, the separate management of individual logistical functions, or even the single safe delivery of one piece of precious cargo. We sit at the center, providing integrated and intelligent logistics support to your business to ensure the smooth running of the entire supply chain.

    Energy Logistics Architects

    Energy transition

    We stand shoulder to shoulder with our clients, supporting them as they look to deliver their carbon reduction objectives. Across our business, we are challenging every action we take to ensure we are doing everything we can to minimize our emissions and act in a sustainable way.

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    Scroby Sands Wind Farm Located in the North Sea off Norfolk Coast

    Collaboration and optimization solutions

    In an industry as complex as global energy logistics, greater collaboration with peers can be the solution – improving efficiency, delivering significant savings, and creating maximum flexibility. We have strong expertise in bringing parties together for mutual benefit and have developed industry-leading concepts for greater collaboration.

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    Trust well placed

    Your partner in what matters

    With over 50 years experience, a large global footprint and boots on the ground to meet your needs, we are ideally positioned to be your energy logistics partner.

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    Health, safety, environment and quality (HSEQ)

    We prioritize employee safety, environmental protection, quality assurance, customer satisfaction, and security through proactive measures and certifications. Safety first. Always.

    Our approach to HSEQ
    Energy Logistics

    Industries we work in

    Renewable energy


    Port management

    Oil and gas


    Innovative thinking is a core value within our business and we foster a mindset of continual improvement across our organization. Our technology and processes are constantly evolving in line with the requirements of our business, but we also look beyond our own context to stay on top of innovations and best practices from across industry.

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    Peterson Tech Consultancy
    Offshore Wind Installation Support
    Reduction in costs and CO2 emissions

    Offshore wind installation support

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    Carbon Neutral
    Peterson Energy Logistics’ journey to carbon neutral certification

    Achieving carbon neutral status

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    Qatar Case Study
    Reduction in costs and CO2 emissions

    Logistics infrastructure study

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    Here you will find news, articles, blogs, case studies and more to stay up to date with what is happening in our business.

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