Our team in Shetland has extensive experience in managing major engineering projects, including a strong track record on large-scale development and decommissioning programmes. We carry out detailed design work, with disciplines covered including civil, structural, mechanical, marine, and transport engineering. This is used to develop engineering documents, execution plans, schedules, risk assessments, and method statements. Each project is then delivered using in-house and external specialists to meet its specific requirements.

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    Our services are mainly focused onshore and inshore Р specialising in load-in, transport, storage, marshalling and load-out logistics.  They may also include other elements, such as complex lift planning or temporary works design, and more, as required.

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    Our engineering and project management expertise includes:

    • Logistics

    • Self-propelled modular transporter (SPMT) and skidding operations

    • Heavy cranage and haulage

    • Lift Planning

    • Temporary works


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