Certifications support

Our assistance incorporates a variety of different activities including providing a correct understanding of the certification scheme, performing a GAP analysis of the actual process against the standard, and advising on how to set up a corporate process to meet the scheme’s requirements.

Customs Consultancy and Training
    What needs to be done?

    Certification implementation

    Depending on the experience and availability of resources at customer level, we can either provide assistance to you along the preparation process or we can deliver ready-to-certification solutions including the design of process manuals, the adoption of IT systems and risk analysis.

    Alternatively, assistance might only consist of a preliminary company assessment against the certification scheme, so that you know what needs to be done in order to be ready for certification.

    Peterson covers a wide range of certification schemes, primarily related to sustainability and social compliance. We serve a broad range of industries, covering the following sectors: agricultural, forestry, carbon credits, biofuel/biomass, textile, feed, water and waste recycling, and more.

    Besides implementing well-recognised certification schemes we also assist you in implementing your internal sustainability guidelines and ensure they are adhered to.

    • List of applicable standards
    • Diagnostic
    • Internal audit and training
    • Procedure Manual
    • Inventory and GHG baseline 
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    How can we support you?

    Please contact us so we can help you with your sustainable challenges or certification implementation. Or do you have other questions? We will be glad to help.