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    Apart from commodities we also see more demand for specialties in lower volumes. This in combination with a growing demand for more sustainable logistical solutions. With increased knowledge, a firm set of values and sustainable services, we have grown from our initial operations in the Netherlands and spread out throughout world. We can assist in all stages of your supply chain.

    Take away the burden

    We have a thorough understanding of commodities and specialties to advise and deliver the best and most efficient and sustainable logistics solutions. Essential info for a successful logistics plan includes Weather conditions for loading and unloading, Temperature of the commodity, Commodity characteristics (e.g. potential for self-combustion, creating toxins, fungus, or harboring insects etc.), and Weight. We take the burden of all the above away from our customers. We combine inspections with integrated logistics, starting with our understanding of load port details, through to vessel planning via agencies, stevedores, discharges, inspections, and barge brokerage – all linked together through an integrated IT platform. Building strong relationships with our customers and ensuring the appropriate level of support, together with our partners:

    “We help minimizing your challenges throughout the whole supply and value chain and offer sustainable solutions”

    On our way to more sustainability

    At Peterson we are embracing sustainability and revamping our services for a greener future. We took a step towards a more sustainable future! In our commitment to environmental responsibility, we are transforming our services. Through innovative technologies and eco-conscious practices, we’re reducing our carbon footprint while enhancing efficiency. By optimizing routes, embracing cleaner fuel alternatives, and minimizing wasteful practices, we’re pioneering a greener approach to shipping. Our dedication to preserving our planet not only benefits the environment but also offers our clients an even more conscientious and reliable service. Join us on this journey towards a cleaner, more sustainable transportation solution.


    European Commodities Exchange (ECE) – Warsaw

    This year, the Grain and Feed Chamber will host the 63rd edition of the European Commodities Exchange (ECE), which will be held for the first time in Central-Eastern Europe, Poland. Peterson will be there. Are we meeting you in Warsaw?


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    We offer a wide range of logistics solutions such as inland shipping, agency support, transshipment, road transportation, and much more. Trained and accredited to the highest standards, our inspection and logistic services give our customers the assurance that their products are in the best hands.

    Shipping Services Brochure
    Peterson for Port Inspections

    Cargo types

    Fly-ash, lime, cement and sand

    Fly-ash, lime, cement and sand

    Peterson specialises in the logistics and inspection of bulk goods such as fly ash, lime, sand, gravel and other construction materials.


    As the fertiliser industry grows, so does the demand for inspection and analysis. At Peterson, we are continuously developing sustainable solutions.


    The need for feed logistics support and monitoring in the feed industry is important as it ensures its quality.
    Coal, minerals and iron ore

    Coal, minerals and iron ore

    We are experts in coal and minerals shipping and ensure that our services meet the highest delivery standards.
    Biomass and biofuels

    Biomass and biofuels

    Peterson is an independent global service provider offering specialised services comprising of inspection, analysis and certification of biomass and biofuel products. We continuously develop sustainable logistical solutions.


    Our team of experienced and motivated cargo surveyors ensure a consistent quality throughout the entire process of transporting your goods. We continuously develop sustainable solutions for this industry
    Binnenvaart, Inland Shipping Rotterdam

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    Powdery bulk goods BeNeLux, France, Switzerland and Germany

    Binnenlloyd is our partner in the logistics of powdery bulk goods in the region. Using a fleet of specialized self-unloading silo ships they provide logistics for clients in various sectors. Even if branches are not located directly on or close to the water, it is often worthwhile to choose a multi-modal solution, for example through additional transportation by bulk trucks. They can advise you on this without obligation and offer the entire process.

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