Ships Port Management with Peterson

Port management

    Experience matters

    Port design, delivery and management

    With Peterson as port managers, clients benefit from having an experienced party managing the facility, but also through having an experienced and recognized player in the energy industry that can support end users of the port with a complete and efficient port design and delivery model.

    We can undertake the design and management of the entire upstream port cluster on behalf of our clients.  We act as a landlord to manage the overall port cluster and ensure compliance with legislative authorities.

    Our strengths

    Design and management of the entire upstream port cluster

    • Experienced in management of shared facilities

    • Over 40 years’ experience in upstream logistics requirements

    • Turnkey management and delivery of associated port services

    Designed and delivered

    Our approach will ensure the economic return of the port is maximized for owners.

    We have extensive experience in the management of shared facilities and have been involved in the design phase of various new upstream management facilities, which has included:

    • Optimization of port design
    • Liaising with various stakeholders
    • Economic feasibility study
    • Development of a commercial framework
    • Compliance and HSEQ system

    Once the port is operational, we can undertake the overall port management, including:

    • Management of vessel traffic
    • VTS monitoring
    • Port services
    • Liaising with authorities

    How can we help you?

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