Sustainable finance

Let us guide and empower you to navigate, engage with, and leverage the transformative potential of sustainable finance, fostering a positive impact in the world. Going beyond conventional investment norms, sustainable finance embraces environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles. This mindset integrates ESG factors into financial decisions, ensuring profitability with a broader purpose. Whether you are an investor or a business leader, we equip you to align your financial decisions with your values, offering the insights and resources needed to make well-informed decisions.

Banking with impact

Empowering a sustainable future

Explore the dynamic landscape of green bonds, impact investments, and socially responsible portfolios. Discover how finance can drive initiatives that combat climate change, foster social inclusivity, and uplift communities. Our insights empower you to navigate this evolving field and contribute to a sustainable future.

Join us in shaping an economic landscape that not only generates returns but also leaves a legacy of positive impact. Embrace the potential of sustainable finance to unlock opportunities that redefine success.

Our services to assist in Sustainable Finance Value:

The ROI of Sustainability

Fueling innovation, fostering job creation, and cultivating a distinctive competitive advantage for your enterprise by measuring, reporting and steering on impact. Whether you are a global corporation well on its way on a sustainable journey or a young business taking the initial strides, companies have the pivotal role of steering towards a future where the economy, the planet and people thrive.

Embedding sustainability into the core of your business strategy entails integrating it into decision-making and holistically assessing the entire range of costs and benefits, including intangibles (SROI/EROI). Our team provides consulting services, empowering corporate leadership to enhance overall performance across social, environmental and financial dimensions.

Social and environmental due diligence

Financial institutions, commodity traders and multilateral institutions have an increasing need of reviewing the non-financial performance of companies with respect to social and environmental standards, such as the IFC Performance Standards or Equator Principles, among others.


Impact Investment Analytics

In sustainability, impact investments are a solid commitment to environmentally conscious decision-making. Tangible financial contributions made with the intention of generating positive social and environmental effects tag along positive financial returns, while aiming to help address pressing global challenges. Considering both the social and environmental impact of investments, success is measured not only in financial terms but also in terms of positive externalities of business operations for communities and ecosystems. By aligning financial interests with broader societal and environmental goals, impact investments play a crucial role in fostering sustainable development and responsible business practices, engaging investors and stakeholders.

We leverage cutting-edge return on risk-adjusted capital methodologies to calculate cost abatement curves aligned with science-based targets (SBTi), seeking to optimize impact by ensuring investments not only generate positive outcomes but also manage risks effectively, thus enhancing the overall sustainability and resilience of the company’s investment decisions.

Furthermore, we accompany our client’s due diligence processes to facilitate capital injection and access to financing, as well as conduct gap assessments against sustainable finance guidelines and frameworks, such as IFC performance standards, Equator Principles, ICMA. We complement our value offering by providing expert assistance in implementation and continuous monitoring of diverse sustainable finance solutions. Elevate your financial strategy with our comprehensive sustainability services.

GAP assessment

From the credit- or debt- perspective, there is an increasing need for companies in several sectors to meet ESG requirements set by multilateral and private financial institutions, such as a green loan or green bond principles, among others. At Peterson, we can assess to identify gaps against sustainable global loans or sustainable bond frameworks and the actions required to meet them.


Sustainable finance program implementation

Companies often need external expertise and assistance to meet the requirements of key sustainable programs and standards for credit, regulatory, or export purposes. Among other activities, we assist organizations with the following:
-Tools development
-Development of policies and procedures

Supply Chain Optimization: Control Tower

Guidance in Advanced Non-Financial disclosures

Uncover the potential of non-financial performance into your financial reporting, leveraging our expertise in ESG and sustainability reporting frameworks such as the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), we can help you navigate this evolving landscape, enabling your contributions to a sustainable future. Stay compliant with upcoming regulations such as CSRD (double materiality) and join us in shaping a business landscape that not only yields return but also promotes a lasting legacy of positive impact.

Offshore Wind Turbine Farm for Sustainable Energy Production & Clean Power

A sustainable tomorrow through impactful finance

Companies across various sectors are facing a growing demand to fulfill ESG disclosure standards established by regulators, multilateral and private financial institutions. Peterson can help you evaluate and pinpoint gaps in alignment with sustainable reporting initiatives and frameworks, offering insights into the necessary actions required to meet such standards, including but not limited to:

  • Double Materiality assessment (CSRD/ ESRS)

  • Taskforce on climate finance disclosures (TCFD)

  • Assistance in tools development, designing policies and procedures considering several reporting standards, such as IFRS/ISSB and SASB

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