Innovation at Energy Logistics

Peterson Supply Chain Optimization Architects

Continual improvement is at the core of our strategy.  We don’t run, but we certainly don’t stand still either.  We take a conscious and continual step forward approach to innovation, working with our employees and customers to understand where additional value can be unlocked through the use of technology, innovation and meaningful data insights.   We remain curios, looking beyond our own context to stay on top of innovations and best practices across multiple industries.

Better together

We believe in being better together. We work with you to understand your pain points and identify opportunities for collaboration and continual improvement that we can work on together to solve.

Our innovative solutions

When you work with Peterson, you have access to our best-in-class proprietary operational system, Lighthouse.  The quality of data across Lighthouse’s applications gives us unique insights into potential opportunities for improvement for both our business and yours.

Some of the improvements we’ve developed with customers include:

  • Improvements to invoicing processes
  • Vendor opening time analysis and impact analysis
  • CO2 impact reporting
  • Cargo return improvements
  • Improved third-party rental management
  • Fuel efficiencies

Lighthouse; Real time visibility across your logistics supply chain

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