Gender pay gap – Peterson’s positive performance

Christine Dodds

A recent report by AXIS Network has cited Peterson Energy Logistics’ positive progress in terms of the gender pay gap –

Our 2023 report analyses the successes and ongoing opportunities for us as a business to continue to improve our practices.

  • Women’s median gross hourly earnings are 8% higher than men’s.
  • Women make up 21% of our workforce.
  • There have been increases in the numbers of women working in different levels of the business.
  • Men continue to receive higher bonuses, something which is being reviewed.
  • We are committed to training, policy developments, and reviews which continue to improve our positioning.

The AXIS report shares that Peterson is the most improved energy supply chain company in terms of the pay gap, going from a figure of +25% to -8% over the seven-year period since reporting began.

Our Finance Director Christine Dodds is a member of the AXIS Network which promotes gender balance in the energy industry. She said:

“I am proud that Peterson has shown such progress in the gender pay gap and that this improvement has not diminished our ambition to continue to do better. We remain committed to continuing to attract, retain and develop women at all stages of their careers, across all of our sites.

“The energy sector thrives on the diversity of its workforce. For too long there has been huge untapped potential within the talent pool of the North-east of Scotland and beyond. I am glad that this is changing which not only benefits women, but the sector at large. There is undoubtedly still more to achieve but, in many organisations, this is going in the right direction and requires momentum to stay at the top of the agenda.”

Peterson Energy Logistics appointed its first female CEO in 2022 and continually reviews its business intelligence data, practices, and outreach to broaden its talent search and enhance the employee experience.

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Gender pay gap report 2023
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