Peterson 2023 Sustainability Report

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21 June 2024

We are pleased to share our 2023 Sustainability Report. This focuses on how we are incorporating sustainability management into our overall business strategy, presenting our current standing and the targets we aim to achieve. It also provides information on our overarching sustainability strategy, which comprises three pillars: our environment, our people and society, and corporate governance.

While the legal obligation for us to comply with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) begins in the reporting year 2025, our commitment to enhancing our annual sustainability reporting is already evident in our 2023 Sustainability Report. We view the CSRD not only as a legal requirement but also as an opportunity to further develop our company values and embed them in our sustainability strategy.

As we progress, our results and reporting will align with our commitment to assuming responsibility for a better world, demonstrating an exemplary role across all our activities.

2023 Sustainability Report

You can download our 2023 Sustainability Report here.

2023 Sustainability Report
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