Marine optimization

Having developed the largest pool of energy operators in the world through the Southern North Sea (SNS) Pool in the Netherlands, we’re well-placed to advise on marine optimization and vessel fleet strategies and management.


Our experienced consultants carry out in-depth research to provide valuable insights into market dynamics, growth opportunities, and infrastructure and asset requirements. Our suite of technology supports data-driven analysis to help you make informed decisions and develop a strategy that meets market demands.

Our marine optimization studies typically include:

  • Reviewing existing fleet and current utilization
  • Investigating potential supply chain savings and efficiency gains from different operating models
  • Using in-house systems to track vessel and quayside activities
  • Providing specific recommendations, including benchmarks against best-in-class operations around the world
  • Producing a report highlighting potential savings/returns on investments, and a roadmap for implementing and delivering solutions
  • If required, creating a plan for sharing initiatives and deploying technology

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