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Global and large companies often need to develop custom-made sustainability programs to address key and timely changes in their supply chains. In this regard, Peterson has gained wide experience in the design and implementation of these types of sustainability programs for leading global organizations and their sustainable supply chains.

Tailored sustainability solutions for global impact

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We are your partner in crafting bespoke sustainability programs that resonate across your supply chains, empowering you to lead the change in responsible procurement on a global scale.
In times of conscious consumption and environmental stewardship, your company’s commitment to sustainability is paramount. Our specialized service caters to larger and global enterprises, recognizing the unique complexities of your operations. We understand that sustainability is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor; it’s a journey that requires strategic alignment with your values and objectives.

“We had to make more sustainable changes and impact, but we only just started. Peterson helped us in shaping our supply chain in the right direction”

Our seasoned sustainability experts collaborate closely with your team to identify opportunities, assess risks, and map out a blueprint for sustainable practices. From ethical sourcing and transparent supply chain mapping to reducing carbon footprints and championing community well-being, your custom-made sustainability program will reflect your aspirations and inspire meaningful change.

As pioneers of responsible procurement, you’ll navigate uncharted territories with confidence, making choices with positive effects on society and the environment. Together, let’s embark on a transformative journey that not only sets you apart as an industry leader but also shapes a future where business thrives harmoniously with the planet. Your sustainability journey begins here…

Custom made

We work collaboratively with clients to develop customized solutions that address specific needs & goals, delivering measurable results & generating meaningful impact. This tailored approach allows clients to select a package of services that best suits their current sustainability maturity level & progress as their practices evolve.

For companies that seek to share quantifiable outcomes & compelling narratives with stakeholders. This focus encompasses vital environmental & social dimensions, including GHG emissions, water conservation, biodiversity preservation, soil health enhancement, & livelihood improvement.

At every level of support is needed, throughout every step of the sustainability journey. Such as benchmarking; KPIs; metrics & strategic; stakeholder engagement & analysis; coordination & partnership management; technology development; other strategic support throughout a projects’ implementation

A tailor-made program/protocol gives control & flexibility to companies over the achievement of their sustainability goals, in their own time, at their own scale & own speed.

Peterson supports its clients with several services in the field, from support on the development of demo farms & management of field trials, to field data collection & assessments, as well as in the development of farmer management plans.

To ensure that key stakeholders are included throughout the process, we help & support companies in their internal & external engagement, training, as well as develop and/or guide them through the supporting tools needed (Peterson Technology).

Support & guidance to monitor & evaluate progress over time, as well as reporting in a way that is best suited for our clients. We can also assist & develop tools to ease the monitoring process and deliver a customed report fitting the needs of the client.

Such as regenerative agriculture, traceability, social impact & compliance, ESG strategy & reporting, GHG & environmental performance management, sustainable finance, certification support (2BSvs, BonSucro, PEFC, OCS, ISCC, FSC, RTRS, Global GAP, MSC, RDS, and many more).

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