Bonded warehousing

We operate customs warehouses at our facilities in Edzell and Altens in Aberdeen, Scotland, offering both indoor and outdoor bonded storage. This means imported goods can be stored with duties and VAT suspended at entry. We can also manage the importation procedure to make sure all paperwork is correct and compliant.

Customs warehousing is a secure method of storage approved by UK tax authorities. It offers several benefits to businesses engaged in international trade, including:

Tax deferral

Delay paying import taxes (customs duties and value-added tax (VAT)) until goods are moved from the warehouse. 

Simplifying processes

Simplify import and export procedures by providing a designated area for storing goods under customs control. This reduces administrative burdens and supports the faster movement of goods.

Extended storage

Goods can be stored for an extended period, providing flexibility in how you manage your inventory. This can be particularly useful for seasonal products or if you’re facing delays in distribution or sales.

Re-export to the UK Continental Shelf

Customs warehousing allows goods to be stored temporarily in the UK before they are re-exported to a UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) platform or vessel. This offers flexibility if you trade internationally, helping you consolidate shipments and fulfil orders from multiple destinations more efficiently.

Suspended VAT on rental goods

You cannot reclaim VAT on rental goods that are being imported to go offshore. But using a customs warehouse allows VAT to be suspended while the goods wait to go to the UKCS.

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