EUDR Compliance Programme

Adaptation of non-deforestation protocols to EUDR

9 February 2024

Peterson has an on-going engagement for verification of non-deforestation in the Palm oil, cocoa, soya and pulp supply chain with an American multinational food conglomerate. When the European Commission presented the EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR), this Company put their trust in Peterson and it’s extensive experience with no-deforestation verification and claims, engaging us to develop a complete EUDR Compliance Programme.

In this particular case, Peterson developed the Compliance Programme which consisted of 1) writing an overarching policy, 2) analysing relevant commodities’ origins and risk profiles, and 3) developing and piloting Verification Protocols which include requirements for compliance with the EUDR.


Working closely with this multinational client and their supplier base across multiple commodities and origins, Peterson is supporting our client to ensure compliance with the EUDR prior to the implementation deadline that was set by the European Commission.

Intensive client cooperation
Natalie Slugget, Sustainable Supply Chains Lead at Peterson, sheds light on this unique cooperation:

“Peterson has been working with this company on their non-deforestation commitments within their palm supply chain since 2022. When the EUDR was presented by the European Commission, our key contact there introduced us to their internal EUDR-lead and as a result of our wider experience in the area, we were able to answer their questions and provide technical support on the topic After extensive scoping and supply chain mapping, we proposed a tailor-made EUDR Compliance Programme. We started drafting a deforestation free policy, based on EUDR requirements and the company’s unique position in the supply chain. Subsequently, we developed detailed commodity profiles by mapping their supply chains and collecting primary data through interviews with procurement leads and suppliers.

Using this information, we developed a tailored Verification Protocol for suppliers, outlining the minimum requirements expected to ensure suppliers comply with the EUDR and to allow the company to conduct their own due diligence processes (such as risk assessment and risk mitigation) in line with the EUDR. The Verification Protocol has subsequently been piloted across a number of commodities and different types of supply chain with key suppliers. Peterson believes that engaging with suppliers at the development phase will support the roll-out of new protocols and create supplier buy-in.

Through the Compliance Programme, our client will be well prepared to comply with the provisions of the regulation when it fully comes into force on 30 December 2024.”

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