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EU Regulation on Deforestation (EUDR)

    Are your products affected by EUDR?

    EUDR involves the whole supply chain

    The European Union Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) is a set of rules that aims to ensure that the products consumed by EU citizens do not contribute to deforestation or forest degradation worldwide. This regulation is expected to bring down greenhouse gas emissions and biodiversity loss by promoting the consumption of ‘deforestation-free’ products and reducing the EU’s impact on global deforestation and forest degradation. The EUDR regulation has impact on your business and on the total supply chain you are operating in.

    Any organization placing the following commodities on the EU market must demonstrate that a due diligence system is in place to ensure that the products do not originate from recently deforested land or have contributed to forest degradation, and comply with local applicable regulations: cattle, wood, cocoa, soy, palm oil, coffee, rubber, and their derivatives.

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    Whether you are an operator or a trader,  different rules apply, such as:

    The big challenge

    The biggest challenge for organizations, operators and traders is to comply with due diligence obligations of EUDR. It’s sometimes difficult to trace the origin of products and to verify that they have been produced in accordance with local laws and regulations. Proper preparation now is necessary to ensure companies comply with regulations before 2025. Contact us for a short introduction of our services.

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    EUDR expert team


    Alejandra Duarte Ramos

    From and based in Colombia – holds a B.Sc. in Sustainable Development Engineering with 3 years of experience on sustainable strategy projects, including consulting experience in topics related to Environmental and Social Governance, Regenerative Agriculture, and Responsible Sourcing & Traceability. Alejandra is currently involved in programs related to the EUDR legislation, managing projects for international companies and RTRS, supporting them with the implementation of their responsible sourcing programs and traceability systems. This places her as a valuable asset for this new challenge.

    Andrea Ferrazzo

    Andrea Ferrazzo

    From Italy and based in Brazil – based in Brazil, holds dual BSc. degrees in Environmental Management and Sustainability and Business. With 8 years of international management experience, where he coordinated field assessments in small-holder settings across Pakistan, Argentina, and Mexico; led global strategy in the palm sector for several FMGs organizations with Peterson; developed Implementation Reporting and Verification Frameworks, Independent Verification frameworks for No-Deforestation, and traceability protocols. He now manages the regional deployment of Sustainable Sourcing Service across the Americas for Peterson.

    Andrea Turriago

    Andrea Turriago Pradilla

    From and based in Colombia – holds a bachelor’s in environmental engineering from Universidad de los Andes and has completed a specialization in Health and Safety Management Systems from Fundacion Universitaria Maria Cano in Colombia. Currently working as a Project Expert/Consultant at Peterson Projects & Solutions, her expertise lies in managing sustainability projects in the Agricultural sector, most particularly in Palm Oil. Indeed, she already has successfully implemented traceability data collection and verification processes for major FMCG brands, while also maintaining databases and managing grievances.


    Anna Solic Moore

    From and based in the UK – is a Junior Sustainability Consultant at Peterson and holds a M.Sc. in Conservation Biology as well as a B.Sc. in Global Sustainable Development with Life Sciences. Anna joined Peterson in 2023 and has since worked on sustainable sourcing and traceability projects to assist clients in understanding the options available for sustainable sourcing claims, such as certification expertise, and compliance with a variety of marine, forestry, and agricultural regulations across their global supply chains. This previous experience places Anna as an invaluable resource for tackling the challenge of implementing this new Deforestation-free regulation.


    Casandra Ferrazzini de Frutos

    From Uruguay and based in Spain – has a diverse and impressive background in sustainability and environmental management. With her M.Sc. in Forest Sustainability and another one in protected Natural Areas Management, she has a wide expertise in the Forestry sector, which brings extensive knowledge to her role as a Sustainability Consultant at Peterson Projects & Solutions. Her additional experience coordinating the adaptation of the Uruguayan FSC forest management standards as well as her role as a consultant implementing management plans for natural protected area places her as one of our most valuable assets in the forestry sector, and to tackle this new EUDR challenge.


    Curtis Tan

    From and based in Malaysia – holds a bachelor’s in biology as well as a Master of Business Administration. Curtis currently serves a pivotal position of Head of Crop Consultancy at Peterson Projects & Solutions (Asia), overseeing projects in crop agronomy, plantation management, sustainability, traceability protocols, and qua lity monitoring particularly in the palm/rubber sectors across Asia. Within his career of over 25 years, Curtis developed his proficiency in land feasibility, crop agronomy, plantation management, agribusiness development, and sustainability practices – making him a strategic leader, driving success in agricultural ventures across diverse landscapes.


    Daniel Costa

    From Brazil and based in The Netherlands – brings with his farming background another 14 years of agricultural commodities experience. With a bachelor’s degree in social communication and an MSc. in Agribusiness, he previously managed portfolios in LATAM for a global consultancy; traded commodities like coffee, orange juice, soybeans, and corn; and was the engagement manager at regenagri, promoting this regenerative agriculture initiatives as well as engaging directly with farmers. Currently, he serves as Country Director in The Netherlands and co-chairs of our Sustainable Sourcing Team, overseeing regenerative agriculture projects in Europe and providing valuable expertise in supply chain and sustainability.


    Helena Mansilla

    From and based in Spain – holds a B.Sc./M.Sc. in Agricultural Engineering with focus on Food Industry and has been working for 23 years in an international known Testing, Inspection and Certification firm in different positions, including certification management, QHSE management systems auditing, key account management, international projects, and technical management. Helena currently leads the EUDR Services Centre of Excellence in Peterson. Her area of expertise includes management systems implementation, traceability systems, monitoring systems and suppliers’ engagements, sustainability reporting and ESG strategies implementation.


    Henry Ernst

    From the UK and based in Spain – holds a M.Sc. in Marine Biology from the University of Southampton. Henry has 5 years of experience as an auditor and team leader against leading sustainability standards, as well as multiple years consulting around the topics of supply chain traceability, and Sustainable Sourcing. He is currently the account lead and technical account lead on several tailor-made sustainable sourcing programs for large corporate clients in the pharmaceutical and food & beverage sectors. And internally is our global Chair of the Peterson Traceability Working Group.


    Johan Specht

    From and based in Germany, currently lives in Berlin. he holds a MSc in Environmental sciences, specialized in agroecology. Johan is experienced in planning and implementing regenerative agricultural production systems, including quantification of impact on carbon emissions. He has prior work experience in commodity trade and international transport logistics but shifted his focus on contributing to ensuring the long-term provision of commodities by reducing their environmental impact during production and sourcing. From and based in Germany, currently lives in Berlin. he holds a MSc in


    Natalie Sluggett

    From and based in the UK – holds a Level 4 NVQ Diploma in Accountancy and a First-Class BSc in Geography specializing in Climate Change, Biodiversity, and Sustainability. She’s a qualified ISO 9001:2015 quality management lead auditor with experience in certification schemes like FSC, PEFC, and SAI FSA and other tailored agricultural programs. Natalie brings extensive expertise in compliance, controls, and supply chain knowledge, having led innovative global FMCG projects. She has also led EUDR projects in the soy sector, gaining expertise in the regulation and its applicability to the industry. Currently, Natalie serves as Regional Lead at Peterson (Americas), spearheading the development of our sustainable sourcing services.


    Raquel Castro Núñez

    From and based in Peru – holds an MSc. in Environmental Science, a BSc. in Engineering obtained with honors, as well as an MBA in Sustainable Development & Operations from INCAE Business School in Costa Rica. With expertise in agribusiness supply chain and sustainability, she serves as Senior Sustainability Consultant and Business Development at Peterson Projects & Solutions where she plays an essential role in consulting and managing global sustainability projects for key clients. Her expertise extends to leading the design and implementation of policies, protocols, grievance mechanisms, traceability verification, ESG frameworks, and accessing green funds for sustainable finance opportunities.


    Rose Riley

    From and based in the UK – With nearly two decades of diverse experience spanning media, management consultancy and sustainability, Rose brings a wealth of expertise to her role of Business Development Manager at Peterson. With her International Relations’ degree, Rose takes a consultative approach to her work, focusing on understanding our clients’ needs and challenges, and aligning them with the skills and experience of the team to design bespoke solutions. Rose’s focus is on developing long term relationships with our clients to help them achieve their sustainability goals. She has extensive experience working with clients in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare, Food and Beverage, Travel, Not-for-Profit and Education Sectors.


    Sanne van Rijn

    From and based in the Netherlands – earned her BSc. in International Development Management with a major in Sustainable Value Chains and graduated with honour from her M.Sc. of Sustainable Entrepreneurship. As a Sustainability Consultant at Peterson Projects & Solutions, she focuses on developing sustainability protocols, particularly in no deforestation and no conversion commitments. Sanne is a co-writer for the POCG IDVF (palm) and leads projects, including a significant role in a major FMCG company’s deforestation-free project. Furthermore, she served as an FSC & PEFC CoC Certifier at Control Union in Bolivia and the Netherlands, providing valuable insights for EUDR challenges.

    EUDR Compliance Programme
    Adaptation of non-deforestation protocols to EUDR

    Ensure compliance with EUDR

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    Offering insights in your supply chain

    CONNECTED: Harnessing the power of traceability

    Explore the case

    The clock is ticking…

    From farm to fork, from trader to transporter and brand; the new EU deforestation free regulation (EUDR 2023/1115) has a big impact on businesses.

    Peterson supports in every step of the way. Through reviewing the current alignment with the EUDR requirements, gathering all the information needed to compile commodity profiles, identifying & assessing the risk of potential non-compliance, & where necessary, help mitigate risks to a negligible level. We also give support and advice for due diligence assessment, and guide you through the preparation for verification. Let us be your trusted guide in EUDR.

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    The transition will “either be working for all and be just, or it will not work at all”.
    Ursula Von der Leyen, EC President

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