Pooling of marine vessels is a very effective way of reducing the marine costs and environmental footprint of energy companies. It reduces wasted vessel capacity, improves utilization of assets, and can offer users a more flexible and consistent sailing schedule.

Pooling involves grouping several different companies’ cargoes (deck and under deck) together, and planning their marine transport in a shared and logical manner, based on client priorities and offshore requirements. 

All parties involved commit to a minimum three-month sailing schedule. This allows us, as the independent facilitator, to devise a schedule which best matches demand with the correct supply. 

Full transparancy

A pooling arrangement is underpinned by a legal framework, marine operations manual assurance policies, and a cost allocation model. This makes sure it operates formally and manages all HSEQ, business and commercial risk. The pool has a dedicated Peterson bank account. This offers full transparency of revenues in and costs paid out, and is subject to annual independent audit.

The administration of the pool by an independent facilitator means that all aspects of planning and execution can be fairly executed, without bias towards any stakeholder.  This helps makes sure all participants pay a proportionate share of the combined costs and benefit fairly from the economy of scale. 

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Quayside services

We offer safe, sustainable and secure cargo operations, with our industry-leading software supporting efficiencies across the supply chain.


We understand that energy companies face challenges meeting their demand for marine vessels in the most effective way. To help ensure consistent availability, we support an ad-hoc sharing agreement.

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