Quayside services

We offer safe, sustainable and secure cargo operations, with our industry-leading software supporting efficiencies across the supply chain.

Control Tower

Through our Control Tower model, we offer a hub for planning, coordinating and executing all activities relating to the movement of your critical resources.

We use our Lighthouse software to proactively monitor activity. This helps us provide greater visibility, efficiency, and accuracy, making sure the right material is in the right place at the right time. 

You’ll have full visibility of operations, creating an open culture where potential issues can be identified and addressed quickly and effectively.


Our transport fleet collects cargo from your vendors, ensuring it is delivered on time for its onward journey. And we return inbound cargo to vendors promptly to make sure there’s no disruption to your operations.


We offer each of our clients dedicated transit warehousing on or near the quayside. The facilities receive short lead time items for packing before they are shipped.


In line with best practice, we inspect cargo at the sites we operate before shipping. This makes sure the items are satisfactory from a visual and legal perspective before they are loaded onto vessels and dispatched. 

Vessel loading and discharge

We can manage the movement of cargo on or off vessels in line with your needs. This may include weighing, identification, final inspections before crane operations, and completing lift plans for outsized cargo.

We keep our systems updated with real-time information about operations, and work with discharge plans to make sure cargo is removed appropriately. We can also manage the delivery of backloaded cargo. 

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Pooling of marine vessels is a simple and very effective way of reducing the marine costs of energy companies.


We understand that energy companies face challenges meeting their demand for marine vessels in the most effective way. To help ensure consistent availability, we support an ad-hoc sharing agreement.

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