We understand that energy companies face challenges meeting their demand for marine vessels in the most effective way. To help ensure consistent availability and maximize flexibility, we support an ad-hoc sharing agreement called Aberdeen Marine Logistics Alliance (AMLA), which matches vessel capacity with demand in the market.

AMLA members benefit from our ability to analyse the market and identify short-term sharing opportunities. These are typically small volumes of cargo or water that allow operators to avoid hiring a dedicated marine vessel. 

Bookings can be made by telephone or by using the AMLA app. We match interested parties and then invoice each for their share of the costs. 

We can also calculate the savings possible through avoiding spot hire costs (which can be up to 90%), and the carbon emissions that would be generated by a dedicated sailing.

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Pooling of marine vessels is a simple and very effective way of reducing the marine costs of energy companies.
Quayside services

Quayside services

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