Aviation services

We provide a wide range of passenger and freight services by helicopter – one of the main transport types used in the oil and gas, and offshore wind industries. Safety is of the utmost importance to us, and we are certified by the IATA for both freight handling and forwarding.

Strengths of this service

As global experts with a passion for innovation, Peterson is pleased to offer technology-driven solutions for aviation services across the world. Our supply chain management for aviation services guarantees that your cargo and crews will arrive safely and efficiently.

  • We’ve developed a helicopter sharing initiative in the Netherlands, with the aim of reducing the number of flights to and from installations

  • Peterson’s services are dedicated to safety, supported by their I.A.T.A. cat. B and C certifications.

  • Walk2Work provides a safe and uniform procedure for all those travelling offshore

Helicopter sharing initiative

We’ve developed a helicopter sharing initiative in the Netherlands, with the aim of reducing the number of flights to and from installations – and therefore their cost and environmental impact. After successfully implementing this with selected operators, we plan to roll it out to more offshore areas.


Our services include:

  • Helicopter chartering, scheduling and sharing
  • Flight operations
  • Survival suit rentals
  • Passenger transport, check-in and escort
  • VIP flights
  • Freight handling and forwarding
  • Inspecting cargo for IATA and customs compliance
  • Walk2Work vessel crew changes[GC1]
  • Personal Safety Logbook (PSL) checks to check whether all personal, including personal of subcontractors, have valid certificates, passport and the right training to be allowed to work on our client’s platforms
  • XBR Measurements – measuring shoulder width to ensure everyone is placed in the right seat
  • Storage of tools to avoid transport between home and offshore
  • Issuing keys of pre-booked rental cars
  • Booking hotels, arranging taxis and touring cars for those travelling on and offshore


We also offer a wide range of services as part of our Walk2Work program. This offers a safe and reliable procedure for people travelling offshore. We understand it’s important for your passengers to be checked into their POB system, and we’ll work closely with you to support this. 

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