Fuel services

We provide fuel services through a strategic partnerships. This gives us complete control over quality, cost and delivery, bringing you the most competitive prices and the highest standards of service.

Strengths of this service

Our partners source fuel directly from UK refineries and delivers it to all our global bases. At these one-stop-shops you can load marine gas oil while also accessing a range of other logistics services.

  • Single source, non-commingled fuel that meets stringent specifications and quality requirements, with full traceability through the supply chain

  • Full control over shipping from the refinery to the fueling facility, saving you time and money

  • A consistent and reliable product across all our logistics locations

  • Transparent and flexible pricing, based on Platt’s FOB (Free on Board), not CIF (Carriage, Insurance and Freight), and tailored to your needs

  • This includes the opportunity to lock in low prices for the future

Fuel can be supplied from, Aberdeen, Lerwick, Lowestoft, Heysham and Den Helder. We can also supply to many other locations using ship-to-ship transfers, road tankers, with our own fleet or utilising strategic partnerships, all at competitive rates.

Sustainable solutions

Following extensive testing in the Netherlands, we are introducing fuel enzymes to the UK to lower emissions and usage. We are also enhancing our portfolio with hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) and other low emission products, to help us and our clients meet net zero targets.

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