Ships agency

Many sectors in offshore marine contracting operate specialist vessels, with a range of specific logistical and administrative needs. With almost 100 years’ experience as a shipping agent, we have the expertise to offer high-quality services to support this work.

Strengths of this service

We offer a range of specific logistical and administrative services, such as stevedoring, crew changes, hotel arrangements, custom formalities and freight handling.

  • We work for all major energy companies and their subcontractors

  • We also provide services for companies working in fields such as construction, dredging, inspection and laying pipes and cables

  • Our ship agents work from many ports globally to provide support informed by a knowledge of local needs and conditions, offering the same high level of service in all our locations

  • We have an extensive agency network that can cover all our clients’ interests in all strategic ports

  • We have our own quayside, base, forklifts and cranes can deliver quick turnaround times and lower costs compared to having third-party involvement

Ship chandling

We can make sure your ships have essential supplies. Whether it’s food, safety equipment or spare parts, we’ll make sure it’s delivered on time.


This expert support includes:

  • Quick, accurate and detailed PDAs
  • One single point of contact that understands your needs
  • Arranging all husbandry services including hotels, taxis, restaurants, doctor and dentist appointments
  • Full fleet of owned forklifts, cranes, with (offshore) containers available
  • Quayside (bonded) storage facilities
  • Cash-to-Master issuance
  • An agent on duty, ready to assist, 24 hours, 365 days a year
  • In-house customs clerks for efficient dispatch of cargo documents and D/As
  • Waste handling
  • Freight forwarding services, by road, sea, and air

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