Chemical supply

Peterson Chemicals is a well-known services provider for the energy industry. We provide fuel and chemical supply, deliver waste management services, can provide dangerous goods advisors, and offer a rental service for Certified Portable Tanks.

    Fueling the industry

    More and more renewable

    We supply various production chemicals and fuels directly from stock to the energy industry, such as AdBlue, Methanol, Aviation Fuel JET A-1 and Bio diesel but can also purchase other products, depending on customer specific needs.

    We supply:

    • (Renewable) fuels such as Gasoil, HVO and GTL
    • Aviation fuel Jet A-1 kerosine
    • (Production) chemicals such as methanol, methanol mixtures, Demi water, Glycols, and AdBlue.
    • Portable offshore tanks for the safe transportation and storage of a wide range of liquids

    Fuel and Chemical Supply

    Supply and delivery of production chemicals and fuels from our quayside:

    • Renewable fuels, AdBlue, Methanol, Aviation Fuel Jet A-1, and Diesel Fuel directly available from our stock
    • Ability to purchase, transfer and deliver most types of chemicals and fuels into IBCs, Tankers, and/or portable transport tanks
    • Use of reputable suppliers/manufacturers only (high-grade products)
    • More favorable purchase process as a result of volume discounts

    Plant facility and volume discounts

    We have a plant facility where we can transfer various types of products into IBCs, road tankers, and portable tanks while maintaining product quality.

    We have agreements with reputable suppliers and manufacturers only to ensure high-grade quality.

    An additional advantage is that we purchase similar products on behalf of various customers and thus (therefore also our customers) benefit from volume discounts.

    Our team of Dangerous Goods specialists together with our safety portable tanks can transfer and transport almost any chemical and Biofuels.

    Waste Management

    We handle, store and transport waste materials, adhering to the Dutch environmental legislation:

    • VIHB certified

    • Facility available for temporary storage of packaged (hazardous) waste

    • Complete registration within our waste management software tool

    • Checking for marks and labels, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations

    • Mediation in transport, collection and disposal of (hazardous) waste

    Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors

    Our safety advisors can assist you with all your (ADR) related questions:

    • Team of five ADR certified safety advisors
    • Extensive experience related to storage and transport of dangerous goods
    • Opportunities to assist our customers with internal audits, procedure compliance, training,
    • ADR security plan and annual report

    According to ADR legislation and regulations, every company that comes into contact with hazardous substances must have an internal or external safety adviser (appointed by the management).

    With our extensive experience in the field of DG storage (PGS) and transport (ADR) of hazardous substances, we can use our knowledge to assist customers and help them to comply with the requirements as stated in ADR chapter 1.8.3.

    The services include:

    • Ensuring compliance of business processes / procedures related to ADR and PGS
    • Advising on amendments to legislation and regulations
    • Assist in creating and maintaining a ADR security plan and annual report

    Advising on ADR related questions

    Download our brochure

    Our Chemical Supply brochure
    Chemical Supply Tanks

    Portable Tank Rental

    We provide Certified Portable Tanks, suitable to transport various (dangerous) chemicals and fuels.

    • Safest in-house developed offshore transport tank
    • Various types/capacities available
    • All tanks are certified and meet the highest industry standards
    • Unique features and enhancements, exceeding industry safety standards
    • Suitable to carry most common chemicals and fuels, including dangerous goods
    • Tank cleaning facility available

    Our rental fleet meets the latest certifications including DNV2.7-1, ISO10855, ADR/RID and I,MDG  and we exceed the industry standards in design, operation, and maintenance ensuring maximum safety and user-friendly.

    Our onsite tank cleaning facilities allow clients to improve efficiency through reduced transportation time and costs, and clients benefit from us having all our facilities in one location.

    You can view the Peterson Safety Large (PSL) – the safest in-house developed portable offshore transport tank at


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