GHG and environmental services

We provide high-impact services while leveraging our value chain and industry expertise on the ground. We assist along in the development of your (Green House Gas) environmental impact management journey, adding a fresh performance perspective beyond the financial metrics.

Factory Emissions & GHG

Environmental Management

Our expert team supports your organization in identifying emissions reduction opportunities and creating a customized strategy plan to facilitate informed decision-making. Our carbon reduction plans align with market best practices, including Science-Based Targets (SBTs), the Carbon Disclosure Program (CDP), PAS 2060, ISO 14064-2, and Marginal Abatement Cost Curves (MACC).

From single studies to the development of integrated tools for gathering, monitoring, and tracking environmental performance progress, we offer tailored solutions. We assist in establishing or updating greenhouse gas emissions calculations, adhering to globally recognized standards such as GHG Protocol and IPCC. Our team identifies and measures your internal emissions sources (scope 1 and 2) and value chain emissions (scope 3), providing guidance on developing digital tools for building and managing your GHG inventory and reporting emissions.

Navigating CBAM regulation

The Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) requires detailed reporting on the environmental impact of imported goods, the EU aims to incentivize the adoption of sustainable practices globally. Are you already fully informed on CBAM? We can offer support!


Environmental Footprint (LCA)

We provide help in both defining the baseline environmental impacts of your products and updating impact calculations. Considering global standards to conduct a life cycle assessment (ISO 14040 and 14044), Carbon footprint analysis (ISO 14067), Water footprint analysis (ISO 14046), Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) and Environmental Product Declaration (EDP).

With the support of leading LCA tools and our team of experts we can identify up to 20 environmental impacts, from activity data such as waste, water consumption and energy consumption, tracing each product from creation to end of life. This approach helps you identify the type and level of impacts across your value chain, key for decision making and setting up a strategy with suppliers and distributors. Also, it improves impact measurement and communication for every assessed product.

Supply Chain Optimization: Control Tower

Offsetting opportunities

Within our carbon offsetting services, we specialize in carrying out feasibility analysis, project development, ensuring thorough planning and execution from ideation to implementation. Our expertise extends to crafting comprehensive Project Design Documents (PDDs), adhering to Voluntary Carbon Market standards such as VCS, Gold Standard, and Plan Vivo. We also offer other offsetting opportunities such as biodiversity and plastic reduction programs.


Other, tailored services

Embracing continuous learning as one of our core values, we extend the opportunity to our clients. Engage in expert training sessions with us to gain valuable insights into amongst others Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), GHG emissions, and carbon markets.

Empower your team with the knowledge to adeptly navigate and implement sustainable practices. Furthermore, we can actively contribute to shaping a cleaner and more sustainable energy landscape together, with our support in Renewable Energy initiatives, water management and climate risks assessment.

At Peterson, we understand the unique environmental challenges of your organization and can tailor our services according to your specific preferences and requirements.

Carbon footprinting

We help our clients to understand the carbon emissions related to their businesses. We help to calculate the actual carbon footprint and emissions, report and analyze, offer transparancy and add value with our other services, such as ESG reporting. We can even help out in trading carbon credits. Our carbon footprinting services will offer you peace of mind and a trustworthy partner.

Net Zero and Carbon Neutral
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How can we support you?

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